Claire Mc Dermott (Artist in Residence)

Published on: 25/07/2017


If art's your "thing" check out this #art installation in Chelmsford College Library (Moulsham Street Campus) by Claire Mc Dermott

Piece: "Sense"

Mother of pearl and nude coloured ceramic, coppice hazel stakes, plastic, rubber inner tubes and metal.

"My approach to being an artist in residency was to use a tree sapling structure to represent a human form that is crowned with a ceramic brain. The new scultpure enclosed is part of an installation that makes reference to the fact that eco-friendly resources should be made or sourced locally or at least in your part of the country, otherwise how can it be eco-friendly? The red tubes are a reference to some plant stems that have red interiors when cut open. The hazel stakes were sourced from a locally managed wood instead of buying from a builder's yard adn the rubber ties are from a local bike shop, instead of buying from a far off country that produces rubber. The sculpture's base represents a wad of A4 paper and has a one star rating when it should have five stars if it is to be truly eco-friendly. Why sell anything less? Some simple solution that makes far more "Sense" than the illusion we are under at the present."

Piece: “Comfy”

Mother of pearl and nude coloured ceramic, metal, twine, plastic

"This sculpture was inspired by the latest fashion of paving every inch of a front gardent to keep it clean and tidy. This craze does not allow for the water to run off and soak into the ground, instead it runs off into a drain and possibly, at times, into an overflowing river. To ensure that the property has an adequate amount of water from water run-off, create a border of earth, which could be filled in with shingle. The metal hoop is used in horticulture to be pushed down into a lawn when a young tree is planted. This helps to keep the grass from choking the tree and for the tree to be watered. I have used the hoop to make the point that any garden design should accommodate nature. The hoop was then made into a sprung base for a compfy seat for the ceramic seed head, but also acts as a barrier for the plant to drink water."

Piece: "Nude"

Mother of pearl and nude coloured ceramic, coppice hazel stakes, plastic tubes mounted on box shelf.

"One of the first ideas to display the seed heads was to keep the installation simple and arrange them in a meadow for all year round garden interest. This small sculpture was created to bring a small piece of meadow into the home as not everyone has the luxury of owning his or her own meadow."

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