EDI & British Values

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

The College is committed to building an environment of belonging by:

  • ensuring equity, and inclusion are reflected in our curriculum
  • putting diversity and inclusion at the heart of our employment policies and practices
  • listening to the communities we serve
  • obliging those with whom we contract to support our commitments

As such, we have committed to the AoC’s EDI Charter:

AoCs Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Charter EDI Annual Report

British Values

What does living in Great Britain mean to you? Amongst all the memes the rest of the world associate with being British - from the art of making a good cup of tea and queuing to saying sorry and talking about the weather - we strive to be respectful and tolerant citizens.

There are five key values we live by and so naturally these are part and parcel of everyday College life:

We believe in:

  • Democracy
  • Individual Liberty
  • The Rule of Law
  • Mutual Respect
  • Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

Download British Values leaflet

If you feel someone is threatening your right to democracy, your individual liberty, or someone is acting beyond the law and does not respect nor tolerate other people’s different faiths and beliefs please talk with us. We will do our best to support you. If something bothers you, it bothers us. College should be a happy time, when you can concentrate on learning and doing the best you can to achieve your qualifications and progress onto higher courses or into work. If someone in your environment is causing you distress, let your tutor or a member of College staff know. We can help.

Chelmsford College takes part in the National Citizen Service (NCS) Active Youth Programme and was proud to be the first college in our region to achieve the NCS Autumn 17 Champion status! You can read more about how we work with the National Citizen Service.

We launched a British Values Level 1 qualification, created by Chelmsford College and awarded through Gateway. To date, over 1891 students have taken the British Values exam and the success rate is 84.5%! We collaborated with Gateway to pilot and develop this course, liaising on course content, exam methodology and the technical side and the course is now being taken up by a number of other colleges across the country.