Frequently Asked Questions

Learning Resource Centre

What is the Learning Resource Centre?

The Learning Resource Centre provides students with all the resources they need for their studies along with a quiet and relaxed study spaces.

What facilities are there in the Learning Resource Centre?

You will have access to computers installed with software packages and Microsoft Office packages, an all-in-one printer, photo-copier, and scanner, and a wide variety of both physical and online books, CD and DVD resources. There are also quiet study zones and single study tables too.

When is it open?

For term time, it is open Monday – Thursday 8.30am – 5.30pm and Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm. For the holidays, it is open 9am – 1pm.

How do I book a computer?

You can phone, e-mail, or ask a member of staff in-person.

For how long can I book a computer?

It is usually 1 hour, but this can be extended if it is not busy.

What is the cost of printing?

Every student receives £15 printer credit each term which can be topped up if ever needed – so you do not have to worry. For an A4 black and white print, it is 5p per side. For an A4 coloured print, it is 15p per side. For an A3 black and white print, it is 10p per side. For an A3 coloured print, it is 20p per side.

How many books can I loan at once?

The maximum amount of books you can loan is 6.

How long can I loan a book for?

There are short-term loans where you can borrow a book for 1 week, and standard-term loans where you can borrow a book for 4 weeks. (Please note – During current times, all books have been extended).

Will I get charged if I return the book late?

Yes, for a short-term loan book, it is 40p for each day it is late. For a standard-term loan book, it is 10p for each day it is late.

Can I eat and drink here?

The Learning Resource Centre is a Food Free Zone, but you can still drink bottled water.

Assessment Centre

What is the Assessment Centre?

The Assessment Centre gives students a timetabled opportunity to collaborate and work towards the completion of assignments and tasks with the help of their peers and supportive staff, if needed, in a comfortable and productive environment.

How often will I attend?

This depends on the level of your course, but it can be up to 3 hours a week.

What facilities are there in the Assessment Centre?

You will have access to computers installed with industry standard software packages such as Adobe, SAGE, and CAD, an all-in-one printer, photo-copier, and scanner, along with having access to the Learning Resource Centre for books, CD and DVD resources.

Where are they located?

There are two Assessment Centres on Moulsham Street Campus (room number M115 and M116) and one on Princes Road Campus (room number P127).

How many people will be timetabled with me?

The capacity of the M115 Assessment Centre is 75, M116 is 47 and P127 is 60. (Please note – these numbers have changed due to social distancing guidelines).

Can I eat and drink here?

The Assessment Centre is a Food Free Zone, but you can still drink bottled water.


What do I do if I forget my student card?

We require all students to always bring and wear their student card at all times. However, if you forget your student card, you can go to reception to receive a temporary sticker for the day which must be worn at all times.

What do I do if I have lost my student card?

If you have lost your student card, you can go to reception and buy a replacement for £2.50.

What do I do if I forget/lose my mask?

We require all students to always bring and wear their mask when attending college. If you forget your mask, break it, or lose it, there are some available at reception.

Can I have a parking permit?

Yes, all students who have their own vehicle can have a parking permit. However, we cannot guarantee a parking space and the permit is only valid for the campus car park and not any other nearby roads.

Do I need to inform anyone if my details change?

Yes, if your details change (e.g. new address, new number), you can get a form at reception to update these details.

Who do I contact to report an absence?

If you won’t be attending college, please contact reception before 10am on 01245 265611 or e-mail

CAZ Team

Can I go to university with a BTEC?

Most universities accept a level 3 BTEC, however you will need to contact your chosen university directly.

Can I do an apprenticeship and a course too?

No, your apprenticeship is full time.

How do I get into university as a mature student?

You can study an access course with us which is an entry course for university.

Will I attend college every day?

You are unlikely to be in every day, but it depends on your course. Full-time courses are roughly 16 hours a week.

How do I get in to a career in … ?

Our dedicated and qualified careers team are on hand to guide you through the various career options available and help you to make informed decisions about your future.

How do I book an appointment with you?

You can drop in to our office at the Moulsham Street campus or call us on 01245 293 031 to book. Appointments can be in person or over the phone. You can also email us at

Where can I find out more information on apprenticeships?

You can look at the college apprenticeships on our website at or visit the National Apprenticeship Service at

I have no idea what to do, can you help?

Yes! Our fully qualified careers team are available to help support you with your next steps and guide you through the range of opportunities available to you.

Can you help me apply for student finance?

Yes, of course we can help you. You also need to look at>student-finance.

Do you have any courses for my child with learning difficulties and disabilities?

Yes, we have various levels of course available for students with extra learning needs.

Maths + English

Do I have to study Maths and English as I only want to do my vocational course?

If you have not achieved a Grade 4/C in Maths and English, you will have to continue to study them alongside your vocational course.

What exam boards are Maths and English?

For Maths it is Pearson and for English it is AQA.

Will I study GCSE’s?

This will depend on your entry grades. You need to have achieved a Grade 3/4 to study GCSE. Any lower and you will most likely study Functional skills.

I achieved a 5 in English and want to carry on studying to get a higher grade.

This is not possible, once you have achieved a 4 or higher you will no longer need to study GCSE.

I have a 4 in English Literature and a 3 in English Language. I would like to study English but I am not enrolled to study this year. Can I do this?

If you have a 4 in English Language or Literature you no longer need to study English, but, if you need language specifically for progression then the college will look to support this in your final year at College.

Exams Team

Who can I contact with an exam query?

There is a dedicated exams mailbox where you can e-mail your query at

Where can I find the Exams Team?

There is an Exams Office on Moulsham Street campus in room M118. For Princes Road campus, it is best to get in touch by e-mail or calling 01245 293084.

How will you contact me?

We contact students via their college e-mail address only.

Do I need to re-apply for exam concessions?

Yes, exam concessions are not auto-transferred and you will have to re-apply.

Who should I contact for exam concessions?

We recommend that you make your tutor aware first, before being redirected to Student Support.

Will exams be taking place this year?

We are monitoring the situation closely and you will be notified in due course.

What exam boards are Maths and English?

For Maths it is Pearson and for English it is AQA.

When are the Maths and English exam dates?

Maths Paper 1 – Thursday 27th May 2021 (9am)
Maths Paper 2 – Monday 7th June 2021 (1.30pm)
Maths Paper 3 – Monday 21st June 2021 (1.30pm)

English paper 1 – Wednesday 26th May 2021 (9am)
English paper 2 – Thursday 10th June 2021 (9am)

(Please note – these are only provisional dates)

When is GCSE results day?

Friday 27th August 2021 for students (Maths and English).


How many cafes/refectories are there?

There is 1 coffee shop and 1 refectory at Moulsham Street campus, and 1 coffee shop (which is run by students) and 1 all-in-one refectory at Princes Road campus.

What are the opening times?

The coffee shop opens at 8.00am and closes at 3.30pm on Moulsham Street campus. The student-run coffee shop opens at 8.30am and closes at 2.30pm (serving lunch at 12pm) on Princes Road campus.

The refectories open at 8.00am on both campuses. They close at 2.00pm on Moulsham Street campus and at 3.30pm on Princes Road campus.

Do you accept cash?

Yes, we do accept cash, but due to the current circumstances regarding COVID-19, we strongly encourage the use of the cashless system (e.g. student card and debit cards).

How do I put money onto my student card?

You can upload money onto your student pass via the Intranet and use that to pay for food and drink, or you can tap your debit card.

Do you offer gluten/wheat free options?

Yes, we can cater for those requirements. You can pre-order gluten/wheat free food at the start of the day or request something when you would like to eat.

Do you offer vegan options?

Yes, we do. The products with the vegan stickers on are suitable for vegans.

Where can I view the menus?

You can view all the menus on the Intranet. These include the vegetarian, breakfast, meal deal and the gluten/wheat free menu, along with the prices.

Do you offer bursary support?

You may be able to receive up to £5.00 per timetabled day on your student card to spend in the refectory or coffee shop. Please see financial support.

Student Support

What is Student Support?

Student Support offers a range of services to students, including financial assistance, pastoral care, advice on personal or family problems, travel help, emotional well-being support, and even the smaller things like printing off a timetable.

Where can I find Student Support?

There is one Student Support office on Moulsham Street campus in room M018 and one office on Princes Road campus in room P124.

How do I contact Student Support?

You can e-mail Student Support at or phone on 01245 265611 (x3317).

Who is available at Student Support?

We have a lovely and dedicated team at Student Support, including Student Support Officers, Student Mentors, College Counsellors, College Chaplain and Mental Health Advisors.

How do I apply for financial support?

You can visit the team in-person or you can apply for the college discretionary bursary online by visiting Financial Support. Each application is individually assessed.

How do I apply for childcare support?

If you are 20 years old or over, help with childcare costs may be available from the Adult Education Budget or Advanced Learner Support Funds. After qualification, childcare application forms can be obtained from the Student Support Team.

I got free school meals at school. Can I still get them?

You may still be entitled to your food allowance and obtain free college meals you will have to apply to the 16-19 discretionary Bursary online by visiting Financial Support for more information.

How do I use my food allowance?

This will be automatically uploaded to your college card and you can tap your card at the refectory tills to spend your money.

Can I get any financial help to support me when I am at college?

There are various discretionary bursaries which can support with essential course costs.

Visit our Financial Support page for more information.

Can I get help with travel to college?

The college offers a subsidised travel scheme for all full-time students through First Bus.

Visit our Travel Scheme page for more information.

What if I need access to IT equipment or WiFI to complete my coursework?

The college can provide laptop loans or data sticks. Please speak to one of your Tutors.

How do I reset my password?

Go to the IT helpdesk. At Princes Road this is in the Learning Resource Centre and at Moulsham Street this is room M119.

How can I see my timetable?

Log in to your student profile. Your timetable can be found under 'My College'

Can I get additional help with my learning needs?

Of course, we have a team to help with this. Please contact them via email

Can I get support with my emotional wellbeing?

Our Student Support team can help signpost you to the best services to meet your needs.

We work in partnership with the NHS and you can access the Mental Health Support Team for help with anxiety and low mood.

We also have a counsellor onsite to support with other issues.

To request support complete the Request for Wellbeing Support Form

What if I am worried about my attendance or progress?

Please speak to your Tutors and discuss the issues that are affecting college. They can support with an intervention plan or signpost you to other college services.

How do a I report an absence?

If you are not coming into college please call 01245 265611 or email


How do I apply?

You can apply online or by downloading an application form and posting it in, both of which can be found here –

Can I apply here even though I have applied somewhere else?

Yes, you can! We would love to welcome you to Chelmsford College, but you can apply to as many places as you wish.

When do I have to apply by?

We recommend you apply as soon as possible and before the summer holidays as courses may become full.

What happens after I have applied?

You will receive an acknowledgment followed by an e-mail inviting you to a course discussion, either by telephone or Microsoft teams.

What is a course discussion?

A course discussion gives you the opportunity to find out whether the course you have applied for is right for you and allows you to ask questions to a member of academic staff one-on-one. The academic staff will be able to advise you on the full course details too. You may have a course discussion for more than one course but you may only accept ONE offer.

When will the course discussion be?

The e-mail will have a week commencing date in which the academic staff will make contact with you.

Can I do 2 courses at once?

Unfortunately not – you can pick one vocational pathway and that will be your study programme. You will be able to re-sit your Maths and English as part of your programme if you don’t attain a grade 4 pass.

Do you offer A-levels?

No we don’t, but we offer qualifications at a similar level.

Can I still study the course despite not taking the subject as a GCSE?

Yes, of course, as long as you meet the entry requirements for the particular course you are passionate about.

Do I pay fees?

If you are aged between 16-18 years old, you do not pay any tuition fees. However, depending on your course, you may have to purchase materials, kit, or uniform. Details will be available prior to enrolment.

If you are 19 years old or over, it is likely you will have to pay an annual tuition fee. Please contact for any further information.

What if I don’t meet the required grades?

Our first words will be – don’t panic! We would recommend to still keep your enrolment appointment and to discuss other options available then.

When do I hear about enrolment?

We will write to you in July about the enrolment.

When is enrolment?

Enrolment is between the day after August GCSE results day and the beginning of September.

When are your open days?

We have a few dates in the calendar but keep an eye on the showcase information events under the News and events tab on the website.

Can I visit the college to have a look around?

Due to current circumstances, tours aren’t possible, but there is a virtual tour on the website.

What are the entry requirements?

All entry requirements for the courses can be found on our website -