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You want the best for your son or daughter - we understand that. We've put together a simple checklist and set of questions you can take anywhere to ensure you get the information you need to make an informed decision.

The National Online Safety Team | Free WhatsApp Online Safety Guide for Parents & Carers

WhatsApp is the largest global social messaging platform, with over 1.5 billion users per month, and this free guide for parents & carers covers what they need to know about the platform to help safeguard their children from potential online risks including; the new age limit (16+), scam messages, connecting with strangers, location sharing and more.

Parents Information | Safeguarding

Parent Info from CEOP and Parent Zone

The aim of this page is to provide high quality information to parents and carers about their young person's wellbeing and resilience. The information ranges across a wide variety of subject matter, from difficult topics about sex, relationships and the internet or body image and peer pressure to broader parenting topics like 'how much sleep do teenagers need?'

In line with CEOP’s Thinkuknow programme, some of the content covers internet safety, but it all starts from the assumption that young people make little distinction between their online and offline lives and the issues for parents are often the same. The aim is to help parents help their children be discriminating, web-literate and resilient.

Content for this page has been drawn from Parent Info on Parent Zone. Please note, some of the advice published is provided by independent experts in their field and does not necessarily fully reflect the views of Chelmsford College, Parent Zone or CEOP.

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Access a wealth of resources for parents and carers via the Parent Zone and NCA-CEOP websites:

Parent Zone sits at the heart of modern family life, providing advice, knowledge and support to shape the best possible future for children as they embrace the online world. Parent Zone provides resources and training to educate and equip professionals and supports parents to develop the right skills and understanding, so that their children can discover the possibilities and opportunities available to them online.

NCA-CEOP has an extensive offer for children and young people, parents, carers and professionals. Its parents and carers website and educational materials offer more specific advice and information about keeping children and young people safe from online sexual abuse and exploitation.