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Maths & English Take it Seriously | METIS

English and Maths are crucial to everything you do.

These qualifications can open doors for you with employers and even impact which University will accept your application. More than that, essential English and Maths skills make your life easier. You can feel in control of your money management, have the confidence to write your own CV, or reports at work. Never fear being judged by your colleagues on your grammar, spelling or vocabulary and never get caught out by someone taking advantage of you with their dodgy arithmetic.

You’ll also gain a competitive advantage. Did you know that people with poor numeracy skills are more than twice as likely to be unemployed? Get ahead by ensuring your English and Maths skills are as good as they can be.

In this hectic and rapidly advancing world, according to Race Online (2012) around 90% of new graduate jobs are based on a high level of digital skills, which are built on maths. So if you want a good job in the future it stands to reason you’ll need a strong set of skills to begin with.

It’s far easier to learn essential skills early in life than later on. With a dedicated team of professionals behind you at Chelmsford College you can receive the support you need to make excellent progress in record time.

Don’t leave it too late - update your English and Maths skills now and be prepared for the future!