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Active Citizens acknowledged by Cabinet Office

Chelmsford College received official recognition from the Cabinet Office recently, for their work in an Active Citizens programme.

The College was awarded "Champion College" status by National Citizen Service (NCS) due to their commitment to the youth programme to date. Over the last year over 77 students signed up to take part. The College aims to invite 200 students to participate in the next round.

Active Citizens acknowledged by Cabinet Office

Photo: Left to Right: Clive Lissaman, Marco Iciek, Public Services Students Kierhan Warwick and Jack Kane, Seth Everard and Andy Sparks

The programme is structured in three parts - a 4 days/3 nights outward-bound residential course; 3 days of workshops and 30 hours contributing to a community based social action project.

Outcomes of the programme include teamwork and confidence (developed through challenges), skills development of communication, employability and presentation skills and a positive impact on the students’ local area thanks to the community based social action project.

The bespoke programme delivers impact on four key areas deemed worthy of note by Ofsted: the achievement of students, the quality of teaching, improving the behaviour and safety of students and the quality of leadership and management. UCAS also recommends referencing participation on personal statements because the programme helps build confidence, expand social networks and develops resilience.

Both existing students and those due to start in September will be eligible to take part in the programme.

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