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Chelmsford College Proudly Receives Trophy for Planet Earth Games

Chelmsford College has recently been recognised as a winner of Planet Earth Games. Planet Earth Games is an external initiative that innovatively combines sport, sustainability, health and wellbeing, social connectivity, conservation, and climate action. They have delivered events, activities, and experiences in-person and online since 2019 with the aim of empowering people of all ages to connect to nature, take climate action, and support their well-being.

One aspect of Planet Earth Games involves a national competition in which schools and colleges pledge to become more sustainable; this is by signing up for a range of challenges that promote active lifestyles. Staff and learners throughout Chelmsford College have made their sustainable pledges and, moreover, proposed and hosted their own sustainable challenges and events. Examples of this include a sustainable fashion stall in which staff and learners can shop and swap for free, recycling Pringles containers, and the Chelmsford College Climate Commute in January. As a result of this commitment and dedication, Chelmsford College received a rustic wooden trophy to confirm its place as a well-deserving winner.

To determine the winners, AoC’s criteria for Tier 1, 2, and 3 was used, where colleges are grouped according to size and revenue; Chelmsford College was awarded the highest of the Tier 3 colleges. Results from the Chelmsford College Climate Commute revealed that 43 of the 84 people (staff and students) who answered the survey walked to college. This identifies a whooping total distance of 4491.00km is covered via a green commute which is the distance between Thailand and Uzbekistan. Furthermore, the college community has an estimated CO2 saving of 1052.64kg, which is equivalent to enough electricity to cook for 3 households for 1 year.

In the true spirit of Big Green Week (which commenced 8th-16th June 2024), Chelmsford College continued its sustainable streak by setting up a separate fundraiser to support the World Ocean Day Rowing Challenge. More on that can be found at

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