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Staff Step Outside Their Roles for Back to the Floor Day

Chelmsford College held its second 'Back to the Floor Day' on the 28th of March 2024. This opportunity allowed all Chelmsford College staff a chance to enhance their skills, share practice, volunteer, or engage in community projects by stepping out of their usual roles and working elsewhere for the day. Staff gained valuable experiences whilst making a positive impact on where they visited. Moreover, the skills and knowledge gained during the day can be taken back to the College benefitting Chelmsford College learners too. 'Back to the Floor Day' reflects the College's dedication to continuous learning, collaboration, and the local community.

Staff visited various establishments, from local charities to industry-related companies, all with the goal of increasing their skillset and knowledge. Many staff members visited their counterparts at other colleges, including the Business department's visit to Essex Business School. The Director of Business Development explored apprenticeships and adult learning at Capital City College Group, and several other staff members, including Senior Management, visited Colchester Institute, among other colleges.

Back to the Floor Day

Other successful staff activities included a Media Lecturer spending the day at Chelmsford Community Radio, the Marketing Officer experiencing ITV Lunchtime News, and many others making a positive impact with their volunteering efforts. These ranged from the Learning Centre staff using their time at Cancer Research to the Admin team supporting The Wilderness Foundation UK and Travel and Tourism staff visiting Stansted Airport Academy.

Overall, Chelmsford College staff are grateful for the opportunity to gain an insight into work life outside of the college. They are excited to bring their newfound skills and knowledge back to Chelmsford College and look forward to future Back to the Floor Days!

Back to the Floor Day

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