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T-Level Learners Redesign Iconic Car in Innovative Competition

Chelmsford College enjoyed a busy week during National Apprenticeship Week from the 5th-11th February. As well as this, T-Level Thursday also took place on the 8th. To celebrate the day, our T-Level Construction and Business learners were given a chance to showcase their skills and talents in a collaborative competition held at our Princes Road Campus.

T-Level Learners Redesign Iconic Car in Innovative Competition

Designed to encourage teamwork, creativity, and innovation, the learners were given a task to complete for the day. The competition's goals were to create a proposal for the prestigious Austin Car Company to redesign the iconic J40 pedal car while keeping the company's values and brand image in mind. Another key aspect of the project involved exploring new ways to reduce costs, consider sustainability, and get the car to the market.

This competition allowed our learners to come together to produce a creative solution to a real-world problem in the industries they’re interested in. Throughout the competition, the learners demonstrated excellent teamwork skills, showing great support and cooperation towards each other. They also showcased their creativity and innovation in developing their solutions.

T-Level Learners Redesign Iconic Car in Innovative Competition

Upon researching their project, the groups then had to present back their ideas to a panel of judges. The judges were Principal David Warnes, the Managing Director at Austin Car Company, and the MP for Chelmsford, Vicky Ford. They had the challenging task of selecting a winner from among the impressive proposals presented by the learners!

Overall, the collaborative competition proved to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for our T-Level Construction and Business learners.

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