JUST SAYING: Lee Stafford Hair and Beauty Show

Published on: 01/05/2016


When Glam Rock and the Amazon Collide!

Glam Rock and the Amazon Rain Forest seemingly have absolutely nothing in common with the other. But at the college’s Lee Stafford Hair & Beauty Academy, the two very different concepts collided at their annual catwalk showcase.

It is a chance for our level 1, 2 and 3 students to show off everything they have learnt this year in front of a panel of judges (one of which was the famous hairdresser himself, Lee Stafford) and their families. Before the judging could even begin, the students had already been up hours before preparing their masterpieces to present to the judges. After photos had been taken of each model there was a break for lunch before the models took to the Academy’s catwalk to reveal their creations to the waiting crowd. The Level 1 Mad Hatters Tea Party kicked off the show first, next up were the Level 2’s with their take on Glam Rock, with a break in between for the judges to collaborate, followed closely by the Level 3’s who brought the Amazon Rainforest to Essex with a variety of wildly creative looks.

After a tense deliberation between the judges, the winners for each category were finally announced. Of course, all our talented hairdressers and therapists were celebrated for their incredibly hard and ingenious work.


Mad Hatters Tea Party Level 1’s:

  • 1st Georgia Warner
  • 2nd Rhiannon Robertson
  • 3rd Ellie Mears

Glam Rock Level 2’s Hair:

  • 1st Hair – Yvette Mcpherson Beauty – Sally ann Whitwell – Emily Marin
  • 2nd Hair – Alicia Beale Beauty – Molly Russell
  • 3rd Hair – Victoria Maddocks Beauty – Laura Jennerway – Taylor-Rose Hallinan

Rainforest Level 3’s Hair:

  • 1st Hair – Charley Mae Jewell Beauty – Hollie Clemence
  • 2nd Hair – Rebecca Staines Beauty – Elle Major
  • 3rd Hair – Bruna Pereira Beauty – Shireen Brounos

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