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Chelmsford College, celebrating 60 years within the local community

Chelmsford College celebrated its 60th anniversary in style with special guests and previous alumni

Attending college is something that not everyone gets to experience, but those who do never forget the wonderful times they had and the long-lasting memories they made.

For 60 years, Chelmsford College has welcomed new students, providing them with an excellent education and setting them up with lifelong friendships and the skills needed to survive in the outside world.

On Thursday, December 7, teachers and students, past and present, came together to celebrate the college's 60th anniversary in style.

The evening of celebration was enjoyed by college alumni past and present

The evening of celebration was enjoyed by college alumni past and present

With former principals and ex-senior leaders in attendance, the celebration took place on the college grounds and was a sparkling event filled with good food, great company and a lifetime of memories.

Speaking about the college's success over the years, Principal and CEO David Warnes said: "For 60 years, we've trained our local community, driving economic and social development. Continuing this legacy and leading this institution with my talented team of professionals is a great honour."

Long-serving staff, previous alums, stakeholders and Chelmsford community members were all welcome at the event, along with previous students who have gone on to become staff at the college.

The celebration was made even more memorable by British educationist Sir Michael Barber, who joined in the festivities as an honorary guest speaker - also making a special appearance to celebrate Chelmsford College's achievements was MP for Chelmsford, Vicky Ford.

Talking about her take on the 60th anniversary, Sharon Wuyts, lecture in business at Chelmsford College said: "Today's event means a great milestone to me. I was here back as a student back in 2003, so to be part of the 60th Anniversary now as staff feels such a privilege."

Past meets present

A new timeline was unveiled at the event to commemorate such a momentous milestone in the college's journey, showcasing Chelmsford College's long and proud history.

Since its inception, the college has achieved incredible milestones, such as the opening of the Princes Road campus by The Princess of Wales in 1989 and the complete redevelopment of Dovedale Nursery in 2010.

Of course, the celebrations of the past were only possible with the hard-working people of the present. From decorating the college and creating unique displays to cooking and serving the food enjoyed by all, current students had the opportunity to get involved with this momentous occasion.

The college gave current students unique opportunities to interact with former alums, staff, and special guests. This experience allowed them to gain practical knowledge and skills, a fundamental aspect of the college's educational philosophy. These opportunities were available to all students who enrolled in relevant courses.

Mentioning the importance of the anniversary, alumni Rebecca Plummer said: "The 60th Anniversary is a sign of success. It's a sign of how far the College has come and how it has helped shape us into who we are."

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