Apprenticeship | IT Application Specialist Level 2

Study Overview

The majority of IT roles require individuals who can work independently and as part of a team, who can focus on the business' requirements and find solutions to problems. Employers will be particularly interested in applicants who can be proactive, pay good attention to details and learn quickly.

Aspects of this framework at Level 2 and Level 3 are around improving productivity, understanding the potential of IT, and developing personal and team effectiveness when using IT.

This apprenticeship will is a framework and will be switched off in 2018.

Employment & Labour Market Opportunities

Possible job roles:

  • Website Technician
  • Data Administrator
  • Digital Assistant

Possible Progression opportunities:

  • Advanced Apprenticeships
  • Promotion

Additional Qualifications Studied

Functional skills in English and maths and ICT at Level 1

Employer Rights and Responsibilities

Personal Learning and Thinking Skills

Course Details

Attendance: AP

Duration: 14 months


To be agreed with customer


Level 2 Diploma in IT User Skills (ITQ)

Level: Intermediate (Level Two)

Entry Requirements:

You should be able to demonstrate English, mathematics and ICT skills to at least Level 1. This will typically be identified through your existing qualifications and an initial assessment in maths and English.

Method of Assessment

All Apprenticeship Frameworks consist of 'on' and 'off' the job training and you will receive regular supervision and mentoring from your employer. In addition, you will have regular meetings with your Work Based Tutor where you will be trained, assessed and monitored in the work place. Assessment methods will vary in accordance to the qualification. Assessment typically consits of observations, assignments, exams and other product evidence, such as photographs or digital voice recordings. Your tutor will work with you to ensure you produce a portfolio of evidence. This will be submitted to the awarding organistation when you complete your qualifications. On average you will be seen once every 3 weeks for an average duration of 2 hours. If you attend College on a day release programme, your tutor may only visit you in the workplace every 9-12 weeks. Formal reviews of your progress take place every 9-12 weeks and this will include you, your employer and your Work Based Tutor. Your progress is reviewed regularly as it is very important and crucial to the success of your Apprenticeship. If you are required to study Functional Skills as part of your framework, you may need to attend College for specific mathematics and English classes. In addition, you may need to attend College for work shops or master classes for some units of your qualification. All training and development takes place during contracted working hours.

Fees payable annually unless stated

Course Fees

If you are over the age of 19 your employer will need to make a contribution to the cost of your training. This discussion will take place between the employer and the Employer Engagement Advisor. You should work with your employer to establish what uniform and tools/equipment you will need to work effectively. Your employer will typically obtain these for you but you may need or want to purchase items for yourself. With regards to your training, you will be provided with a log book for your qualification. You may wish to obtain additional text books, folders and stationery. When attending College you will be expected to cover the costs of any transport to and from College. Finally - you may also have an opportunity to attend optional trips and visits which you may need to pay for.


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