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Installation Electrician Level 3

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Electricians install, maintain and repair electrical systems in industrial, commercial and domestic environments. They are able to work on their own proficiently and work without immediate supervision in the most efficient and economical manner. They may contribute to the design of electrical systems. They are able to set out jobs from drawings and specifications and requisition the necessary installation materials. On completion of their work the electrical systems must be safe to use and they must adhere to safe working practices without endangering themselves of others.

Installation Electricians work on the installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of low voltage (less than 1000v) electrical and electronic devices and appliances.

Maintenance Electricians work on the maintenance of electrical and electronic installations including automated production systems. Duties include the supervision of the equipment, its maintenance and necessary repairs.

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Study Overview

Knowledge and Skills: Electricians will use engineering knowledge and understanding to apply their technical and practical skills. They will contribute to the design, development, manufacture, construction, commissioning, operation or maintenance of products, equipment, processes, systems or services. In all their activities, Electricians must understand and apply health and safety and environmental regulations, guidance notes and relevant codes of practice; and the requirements of the current edition of Wiring Regulations.

Expectations: Electricians will be expected to:

  • Work reliably and effectively without close supervision

  • Accept responsibility for the work of themselves and others

  • Accept, allocate and supervise technical and other tasks

  • Use oral, written and electronic methods for communication of technical and other information

  • Work effectively with colleagues, other trades, clients, suppliers and the public

  • Undertake work in a way that contributes to sustainable development

  • Maintain and enhance competence in own area

  • Exercise responsibilities in an ethical manner

Progression and Employment Opportunities

On completion of the SAM2 you would be a fully qualified electrical engineer. However, for career enhancement you could progress onto a HNC in Electrical Engineering to allow you to explore team leadership and management positions in your career.


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